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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Great Time to Take Cuttings!

Dear Gardening Friends,

As a gardener, one of my greatest pleasures is propagating my own plants. Not only is it great fun to watch starts grow and mature into new plants, but it's very economical. Propagation by cutting is an efficient method of reproducing an exact genetic replica of your plant. Fall is the perfect time to take tip cuttings and multiply your plant collection!

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Tips for Increased Success

  Be sure to use a clean, sharp pruner or snips to avoid transmitting disease and crushing plant tissue.

 T4592 Titanium Snips • Fine, sharp, easily fit in your pocket.
 New T4769 Trim Fast Blade Lubricant • Sterilize blades.

 Choose the tip of the bud and a length of stem containing 2-3 nodes to cut.

  Dip cutting in a rooting hormone such as Dip-N-Grow or Clonex to encourage rooting of difficult plants and to increase the number of roots on others quicker.

 P7102 Dip-N-Grow • Easy to use rooting solution.
 P7108 Clonex Rooting Hormone • For anything hard to root.

  Carefully plant your cutting in a free-draining sterile medium like:

 P6253 Seed Starting Mix • 8 qts. of Black Gold.
 P6069 Q Plug System • The Optimum Seed Starter.
 P2081 Gel 2 Root • 6-Pack Refills.

 Mist the soil, stem and any leaves lightly.

 Cover your pots / pot paks / trays with a humidity dome or "plastic wrap" to retain humidity, so they won't dry out. Cuttings have no roots to take up water, but they lose water through their leaves.

 Keep your cuttings in a warm, bright spot out of direct sunlight.

 Check often and remove any dead cuttings or fallen leaves.

  Don't over-water, but check for moisture more often if you choose to use a heat mat underneath to speed growth.

 P5225 Heat Mat • Provides gentle warmth.

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Wishing you bountiful new plants,


Alias Mrs. Charley



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