Save on Your Heating Bill / $15 Offer
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Save on Your Heating Bill / $15 Offer


Dear Gardening Friends,

Shorter daylight, fall weather and cooler nights have already started in many areas. Take action now to reduce your winter heating bill coming soon!

Learn about our Bubble Insulation & our new Storm Covers below.

Charley's E-Special

Receive $15 off your order
of $65 or more.

Use Discount Code: 15FALL2

Offer good through 9/27/17

Not Just Any Bubble, But Charley's

Greenhouse Bubble Insulation

One easy way to save up to 45% on your winter greenhouse heat bill is with Charley's clear Bubble Insulation.

Use it also on your patio glass slider doors, single-paned windows, attic windows, and any other drafty locations. Use it to make an insulated, protection cover for your outdoor landscape plants.

Not to be confused with lighter weight packaging bubble wrap:

Charley's Bubble Insulation
Packaging Wrap
A larger and thicker bubble for better insulation
1" diameter
5/16" thick
3/8" diameter
3/16" thick
Better light transmission
Clear Bubbles
Longer Life
Tough, nylon-reinforced backing
Light polyethylene
Attach Your Bubble With One of These:

Double-Faced Adhesive Tape
This sunlight resistant tape has adhesive on both sides.
Roll size: 1/2" wide x 108 ft.
B7578 Double-Faced Adhesive Tape  $10.95

Spray Adhesive
Sun-resistant translucent adhesive for wood, metal and fiberglass. Do not use on acrylic or polycarbonate. Use can is per for 300 sq. ft. of bubble.
B7567 Spray Adhesive  $12.95

Velcro® Tapes
Use Velcro Tapes for easy installation of insulation products such as Bubble Insulation, Foil Insulation and Reflectix Insulation.
B7568 Velcro® Tapes  $3.50 Per Ft.

Insulation Liner Clips
A quick and neat method to attach bubble insulation, poly, or shade fabric to the inside of most aluminum greenhouses. 30 per pack.
C7477 Insulation Liner Clips  $12.95

NEW! Greenhouse Storm Covers

New Greenhouse Storm Covers

Protect Your Greenhouse.  Use this super-tough cover over your existing glazing to fend off dangerous weather and protect your greenhouse from falling and blowing debris.

It also creates an insulating air space to reduce heat loss. Sunlight is diffused as it passes through; creating even light that prevents foliage sunburn, and promotes uniform plant growth. Rated 84% light transmission.

See Charley's Storm Covers.

Wishing you a bountiful harvest!


Alias Mrs. Charley


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