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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stomp Out Pests & Disease!

Dear Gardening Friends,

Unwanted insects and disease thrive in warm summer conditions. Take preventive measures now to ensure healthy, abundant yields throughout the growing season.

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In the Greenhouse

"Clean" is the keyword. Sanitize pots, tools, benches, shelves with Physan 20.
Remove infected plants, weeds, and plant debris quickly.
  • Check plants often for signs of disease — especially underneath the leaves.
  • Treat immediately before problems escalate.
  • Keep an air circulation fan going 24 hrs./day to prevent stagnation.
  • Learn more about how to protect your indoor garden with our tips on Greenhouse Organic Pest & Disease Control and Beneficial Insects.

Essential Greenhouse Pest Controls


Color Them Gone
Pests are attracted to bright yellow. Traps work by imitating a healthy plant leaf. Once they land they're stuck in the powerful, sticky glue.
R3812 Yellow Sticky Traps  $6.95

Nature's Own Pest Control
Insecticide, miticide and fungicide in one. Kills insect eggs, larvae and adult whiteflies, aphids, mites, scales, nematodes and more.
R3783 Neem Oil   $23.95

Control Powdery Mildew, Black Spot, Rust & More
Multipurpose fungicide and insecticide, yet won't harm beneficial insects. OMRI®-listed and compliant for use in organic gardening.
3-1 Safers Garden Spray   Starting at $12.95

A Safer Way to Cure & Prevent Disease
Highly effective against powdery mildew, black spot, blight, mold, and other diseases on garden crops and ornamentals.
R3721 GreenCure® Fungicide   $19.95

Outdoor Gardens




  Pest Controls
  That Really Work!


Tired of Deer Eating Your Roses?
Deer and rabbits hate garlic odor. These repellent clips contain a high concentration of garlic oil – about 1,000 times stronger than garlic juice.
R4749 Plant Pro-Tec  Starting at $19.95

Slugs Making Mincemeat of Your Veggie Garden?
Traps up to 50 slugs overnight! This innovative, environmentally–friendly trap attracts and kills slugs and snails FAST.
R2724 Slug Hotel   $19.95

Great For Raised Beds, Greenhouse Door Thresholds
This copper tape holds a small electrical charge that repels slugs and snails. Install around your raised beds or greenhouse threshold.
R2705 Slug and Snail Copper Barrier   $10.95

Need a Fast–Acting Bug Spray That is Safe For Edibles?
Controls caterpillars, beetles, leafminers, thrips, borers and more. Organic active ingredient Spinosad produced by fermentation. OMRI Listed.
R3830 Monterey Garden Insect Spray   $18.95

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Stomp 'em Out and Happy Gardening,


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