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March 30, 2017

of the Week
Here in our Skagit Valley acres of tulips are bursting into bloom.
Dear Gardening Friends,

It's officially spring and time to get those seeds started! Need help ? Visit Indoor Seed Starting.

For fast germination and healthy growth, check out our professional seed starting supplies below.

Seed Starting Made Easy

Say "Bye-Bye" to leggy seedlings
T5 Grow Light System, 4ft.      $149.95

Enjoy nearly 100% germination every time!
Jump Start Propagator System   $32.00

Must haves
Standard 1020 No-Holes Flat, 10 pak           $29.50
Standard 1020 Flat w/Drain Holes, 10 pak    $29.50
Standard 1020 Humidity Dome, 5 pak          $23.40

32 Compartment Pot-Paks, 10 pak     $19.90
48 Compartment Pot-Paks, 10 pak      $19.90
72 Compartment Pot-Paks, 10 pak      $19.90

Poor germination? Try a heat mat or cable
Seedling Heat Mat 9 inch x 19 inch      $29.95
Seedling Heat Mat 20 inch x 20 inch     $53.95
Seedling Heat Mat 48 inch x 20 inch     $92.95
Value Heating Cable 12 ft    $19.60
Value Heating Cable 24 ft     $21.95
Value Heating Cable 36 ft     $23.95
Value Heating Cable 48 ft     $25.95
Know your soil temperature
Pocket Soil Thermometer

Ensure your starts don't dry out
Extended Reach Sprayer      $19.95
Small Ultra-Soft Water Nozzle    $5.95
Capillary Mat 21"(w)    $2.95/ft.

Keep track of what and when
4 inch White Plant Labels (100 per pak)   $3.50
5 inch White Plant Labels (100 per pak)    $3.75
6 inch White Plant Labels (100 per pak)    $3.95
Waterproof Garden Pen                          $3.95
Wishing you robust seedlings and the promise of sunny days ahead,

Alias Mrs. Charley
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