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Greenhouse Cleaning and Maintenance
Greenhouse Cleaning and Maintenance

By Carol Yaw

With only a few minutes of ongoing maintenance weekly, your plants will thrive with minimum pests and disease challenges, increased light and better air circulation!

Once a week take time to remove dead plant material from plants and soil. Watch for slugs and other pests and disease on plants, in pots, under trays, in corners and beneath benches and treat as soon as possible. Use only sterilized soils and containers in your greenhouse for minimum disease and pest challenges. Sterilize used pots, flats, other containers and tools with a disinfectant like Physan 20 before reuse. Space your plants out so they aren’t crowding each other for increased light and better air circulation.


Annual Cleaning

At least once a year (I generally do this in late summer) take all your plants out of the greenhouse and thoroughly clean the frame, glazing, benches, shelves, flooring and growing accessories. Spray with a hose to remove general surface dirt and debris inside and out.

  For stubborn spots of algae, spray Physan 20 or a mild mixture of household bleach and let soak before rinsing. To clean off tree pitch and adhesive residue I recommend Citrus Cleaner. Windex Outdoor Concentrated Cleaner (hose end form) makes cleaning greenhouse glass a breeze.
Multi-Wall Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Fiberglass —
The UV-resistant surface treatment on one side of the polycarbonate sheet significantly improves long-term weatherability. Periodic cleaning using proper procedures and compatible cleaners is recommended to prolong the service life.

For general cleaning, it is recommended that the following instructions and cleaning agents be used. These procedures and cleaners are also recommended for use on the untreated, interior surface of the polycarbonate sheet, and for acrylic and APET plastics.
  1. Rinse sheet with lukewarm water.
  2. Wash sheet with a mild soap and lukewarm water.
  3. Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently wash to loosen remaining dirt and grime.
    DO NOT SCRUB or use brushes or squeegees.
    The coating on polycarbonate sheets is UV-resistant; IT IS NOT A MAR- RESISTANT COATING.
  4. Repeat rinse and dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting.

Cleaning Agents that have been found to be COMPATIBLE with polycarbonate sheets under laboratory conditions:

Freon T.F.
Palmolive Liquid
Top Job
VM&P grade Naptha
Windex with Ammonia

Cleaning Agents that have been found to be INCOMPATIBLE with polycarbonate sheets under laboratory conditions:

Butyl Cellosolve
Formula 409

IMPORTANT: If a material is found to be incompatible in a short-term test, it will usually be found to be incompatible in the field. The converse, however, is not always true. Favorable performance is no guarantee that actual end-use conditions have been duplicated. Therefore, these results should be used as a guide only and the products must be tested under actual end-use conditions by the user.

Polycarbonate sheets are treated on one side. This treated side must be glazed outward or toward the light source to provide protection for polycarbonate sheet substrate.
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