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W7128 Soil Moist™ Granules, 1 lb


SALE: $9.45

Reduces plant watering by 50%

These water-storing crystals store over 200 times their weight in tap water. Soil Moist will cut watering tasks in half, minimize transplant shock, and help protect plants from heat stress. Mix them with your soil at the root level and water thoroughly. The crystals absorb water similar to a sponge and swell to many times their original size. When the soil dries, the crystals gradually release stored water as the plant needs it. Contains “earth-friendly” potassium-based polymers, not sodium that gives off soil-damaging salts. Great for potted plants, hanging baskets, vegetable and flower gardens, turf and trees. Lasts several seasons. 1 lb. treats 66 six-inch pots, 40 one-gallon container plants, or 100 sq. ft of garden. Also used in flower arrangements.

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