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T6424 Spin Bin Composter



Fast, Big Results

The superior mixing action of this composter, combined with its maximum aeration, allows it to create compost in almost half the time of stationary compost bins. It’s not only fast, but easy on your back! Just add kitchen and yard waste and give it a quick spin a day for rich compost in as little as 3 weeks!

With a big 60-gal. (9.3 cu. ft.) capacity, the Spin Bin is made of 100% recycled, UV-protected polypropylene plastic molded in the USA. It sits on sturdy, powder-coated, steel legs that lock into place for easy moving. Ribbed walls inside the bin provide added strength and faster mixing. A breaker bar running through the middle breaks up the tumbling contents, creating an aerobic action that results in accelerated decomposition. The bin’s dark color absorbs heat, speeding the process even quicker.

Dual-locking, wide-mouth lids provide easy access and keep pests out. 20 ventilation slots ensure all important, extra oxygen to keep material well aerated. When standing upright, the slots let compost tea drain out into the soil. You can even measure the progress of your batch with a compost thermometer (order separately) through 4 special ports. Compost instructions embossed in lids for easy reference. Simple assembly. 2 yr. mfg. warranty. Overall size approx. 47" H x 26" W.

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