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M6070KIT Professional Misting System



Expandable Kit

When the super fine mist from this system starts drifting over your plants, they will be so much happier! Evaporation of the mist can cool a greenhouse 10° to 20° F.

This expandable system has a simple push-together assembly and solid brass Slip-Loc fittings with 4-year mfg. warranty. The 6 nozzles are brass/stainless steel (1/2 gph), and the 3/8" tubing is UV treated. Includes 12 ft. misting line with 10 ft. lead-in, and hose coupling. Extend up to 62 nozzles / 124 ft. with additional parts listed below, dependent on your available water pressure.

Connects to any standard outdoor faucet or garden hose.

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Learn More About
M6070KIT Professional Misting System

General Product Information:
Dimensions: Box 8” x 23” depth 3”
Color: Tubing Beige
Model Name: Professional Cooling 3/8" Mist System

Shipping Information:
Standard shipping charges apply.


  1. Mist line is placed around the perimeter of the area to be cooled. This forms a “mist curtain” a cooling barrier between the protected area and the outside heat.
  2. Place nozzles 24” apart for mist lines mounted 8’ to 10’ above ground. Nozzle spacing should be adjusted if mist line is mounted higher. (Before mounting your mist system)
  3. Flush mist line- Remove nozzles from fitting (unscrew by hand and set aside)connect hose adapter to garden hose or tap. Turn on the water for a few minutes to flush out any dirt or debris. Turn off water and replace nozzles in fitting (hand tighten only).
  4. Pressure test mist system- With mist line attached to water source turn water on to test line pressure and fittings for proper installation. Water will shoot from the drain valve when the water is turned on don’t be alarmed. The valve will shut off when the line is pressurized.


  1. Mist line assembly-Insert one of the 24” pre-cut sections of tubing into the end of Slip-Lok T fitting with firm “push and twist” motion. The tubing must be inserted past the O-ring inside the fitting to form a leak-proof seal. Your line should begin and end with a Slip-Lok T fitting.
  2. Inserting the end plug- Insert end plug into the last Slip-Lok T fitting with the tabbed end out. This will be the end of the mist line.
  3. Assembling water feed line- Insert one end of the 10’ section tubing into the 3/8” end of the hose adapter. Insert opposite end of tubing into the Slip-Lok T fitting at the beginning of the mist line.

Trouble Shooting:

  1. The Professional Mist System can be disassembled to correct problems or replace parts. To disassemble the tubing from any Slip-Lok fitting place a 3/8” or ½” open end wrench over tubing next to fitting. This will depress the locking system releasing the tubing from fitting.
  2. Leaking Tubing- Tubing must be replaced.
  3. Leaking Nozzle- Hand tighten only do not use tools. Make sure O ring is in place. Nozzle may be plugged. Clean with nozzle cleaner.
  4. Leak at Slip-Lok Fitting- Remove tubing from Slip-Lok and make sure O ring is in place. Remove tubing from Slip-Lok and check tubing. There should be a line scored around tubing exactly ¼” from the end of tubing. If not, tubing has not been inserted past O-ring in fitting. Re-Insert tubing correctly. Any horizontal scoring of tubing could cause leaking. Trim tubing above any scoring marks with a clean vertical cut and re-install tubing. Do not use scissors.


  1. Whenever the mist system is not in use drain out the water.
  2. Clean out the nozzles periodically.
  3. Always remove nozzles at the end of summer. Before installing your nozzles flush the system for 5 minutes. You should always flush system if it has been idle for longer than a month.
Replacement Parts and Accessories available from Charley's:

M6070A Brass Nozzle Plug, 5 pak
M6070B Slip-Lok Elbow
M6070C Slip-Lok Tee (3-Way)
M6070D Brass End Plug
M6070 FITTING Slip-Lok Fitting with Nozzle, 3 pak
M6070 NOZZLE Replacement Nozzle, 5 pak
M6070 TUBE 20 ft 3/8" Tubing
M6070 TFILTER Water Filter

For further information, please contact Charley's Customer Service at 1-800-322-4707.