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B7533 Sikasil-N Plus Silicone Sealant, 10 oz.



This is the BEST choice for POLYCARBONATE!

Remains flexible. Mildew resistant. Weatherproof. Indoor/Outdoor. 100% silicone rubber sealant that withstands the damaging effects of weather.

100% silicone rubber sealant that withstands the damaging effects of weather. Ideal for greenhouses, gutters/downspouts, pipes/plumbing, chimney flashings, air conditioners, skylights/windows, door frames! Provides a watertight seal indoors or out. Withstands temperatures from -80º F (-62º C) to 350º F (176º C).

This sealant adheres to polycarbonate, fiberglass, masonry, painted aluminum, painted steel, glass*, and wood. Application temperature range: between 40° F to 105° F (5° C to 40° C). Apply to dry material. Cures in 24 hours.

Dimensions: 10 oz. Cartridge (296 ml)
Color: Translucent

*For glass application, see clear Lexel Silicone, B7538

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Learn More About
B7533 Sikasil-N Plus Silicone Sealant, 10 oz.


  1. Remove old caulk.
  2. Clean thoroughly to remove dirt, oil, wax, and loose paint. Remove mildew with bleach and detergent that does not contain ammonia. Rinse surface and allow to dry.
  3. Paint surface before caulking. Check adhesion to painted surface before use. Specialized paint required to paint over silicone.
  4. Cut tip on slant. Pierce inner seal.
  5. With caulk gun, apply steady trigger pressure forcing caulk onto surface ahead of the nozzle. Apply vertically from bottom to top.
  6. If necessary, smooth bead with plastic spoon immediately. Tooling time is 6-12 minutes. Clean up tools with mineral spirits, following solvent manufacturer’s precautions.
  7. Tack free in 30 minutes. Allow 24 hours for full cure before exposure to water. Optimum strength is achieved in 3-4 days.

Common Recommendations:

  • Apply at temperatures above 40º F (5º C) to 90º F (32º C).
  • Not for joints subject to standing water.
  • Do not use below water line, to set mirror tiles, in aquariums, on stovepipes, furnaces, brick, masonry, copper, brass, galvanized metals, zinc, or bare aluminum.
  • Test on painted surfaces before use.
  • If joint depth exceeds ½” (12.7mm), use backing material.
  • Store in dry place below 90º F (32º C).

Coverage: ¼” bead: Approx. 31 lin. ft/cartridge
Shelf Life: 12 months (unopened)

For further information, please contact Charley's Customer Service at 1-800-322-4707.