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3533 Liberty Louver Opener (C3533)


This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.

For automatic ventilation

This solar-powered control will open and close a louver window as temperatures change, enhancing air flow through the greenhouse as needed. The operating range for this solar vent opener is easily adjustable. 15” L x 1-1/2” W x 2” H

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The Liberty Opener can be fashioned to work in conjunction with Aluminum Shutters (C3212).

Order Solar Shutter Control Kit (C3534) that includes (1) Liberty Opener and custom hardware to attach opener to 16", 20", 24", and 30" shutter. (The C3534 Kit will not work on 12" shutters.)

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Learn More About
3533 Liberty Louver Opener (C3533)

General Product Information:
Sesam Liberty Louver Opener ensures fully automatic opening and closing of your louver window according to changes in temperature.
The opener can be adjusted to automatically open at a temperature ranging from 60° F to 77° F.
The Sesam Vent Opener does not require any electricity to function, it works by means of solar energy.
Sesam Vent Opener is made of aluminum and stainless steel; it will last for many years. Full fitting instructions enclosed with product.

Dimensions: 15” L x 1-1/2” W x 2” H
Color: Aluminum

Shipping Information:
Standard shipping charges apply.

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Adobe PDF Files


  1. Place the cylinder (1) in a cool place for at least 30 minutes., maximum 50° F, in cold water or in a refrigerator.
A. Louvers with a stepped link arm (9). See fig. 2.
  1. Dismantle the handle (14) by removing the screws (17) and (18).
  2. Ensure that the louver moves smoothly. Adjust if necessary and lubricate all moving parts with light oil.
  3. Loosely fit the opener to the place of the handle by using the screws (18), see fig.
  4. Secure the link arm (9) to the clutch rod (7) by means of the screw and washer (8), see fig. 5.
  5. Push the opener upwards until the louver is fully closed. Tighten it there. Ensure that the opener is at a right angle with the louver frame (15). Pack out if necessary; see fig. 6.
  6. Press the piston rod (3) into the cooled cylinder (1), see fig. 7. Screw the cylinder into the cylinder housing (2) and make sure that the piston rod (3) gets into the piston rod holder (4), see fig. 1. Screw in the cylinder until the thread is same length on both sides of the cylinder housing.
B. Louvers with a straight link arm (19). See fig. 3
  1. The handle (14) and the straight link arm (19) are dismantled by removing the rivets (20) and (21) in said order. This is done by either drilling or filing.
    The fitting as described as in steps 8-13 is carried out in the best end easiest way when the louver is removed from the greenhouse and the glass removed from the louver.
  2. Fit the stepped link arm (9) to the louver bar (16) using the rivet (11), the lock washer (12) and the nylon washer (13), see fig. 8.
  3. As described in step A. 3.
  4. As described in step A. 5.
  5. Lay the opener against the louver frame (15). Push the opener upwards until the window is fully closed. Make sure that the opener is at right angle with the louver frame (15) and parallel with the louver bar (16), see fig. 5. Mark the position of the holes.
  6. Drill two holes, 1/8” diameter where marked and tighten the opener loosely by means of the self-cutting screws (10).
  7. As described in step A. 6.
  8. As described in step A. 7.

Lubricate all movable parts with light oil after fitting, as well as each spring and once or twice during the summer. Use grease or petroleum jelly for lubrication of cylinder thread.

Common Recommendations:
The opener must not be heated to more than 122° F.
The window must always be able to open, it must not be obstructed.
Winter Storage: Dismount the entire opener, or just the cylinder if this is easier. Store it in a dry place throughout the winter. Do not forget to lubricate especially the piston rid and the cylinder thread before mounting next spring. See that the piston rod slides easily backwards and forwards.

Replacement Part List:
Replacement cylinder item # 3513.

For further information, please contact Charley's Customer Service at 1-800-322-4707.

This item is backed by Charley's 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return your purchase in the condition you receive it, within 30 days, for a refund, exchange or credit - whichever you prefer. If any product is found to be defective within the first year, it may be returned or exchanged for full credit.