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3506 Bayliss MK7 Orchid Replacement Power Tube (C3510 65 85)



For use with the 3505 Bayliss Orchid Solar-Powered Vent Opener

The Bayliss Orchid Replacement Tube (C3510 65 85) temperature range is 65º F to 85º F which means that the opener can be set to start opening the vent at temperatures between 65º F and 85º F. The maximum opening of 12" is reached at approximately 20º F above the starting temperature. This allows the greenhouse to get about 10 degrees warmer than the Standard Replacement Tube (C3510 55 75).

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More Details:
Please Note: If the piston on the replacement tube is too long and won't fit into the opener, that means the tube is hot and the wax is expanding ... Just put the tube into the refrigerator for about one-half hour and push the piston back in until it is the length needed to install into the opener.

SAFETY NOTE: To install replacement tube,
remove Bayliss unit from vent frame and
bring to your workbench.

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