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3464 Schaefer Best Vent System for 14' x 20' (3000 cfm) (C3460 14 20)


This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.

Rugged, attractive

All components of this system are adapted to the humid greenhouse environment. Parts are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and PVC; and all steel parts are either enameled or vinyl coated. The variable speed 20" exhaust fan (3000 cfm) is mounted on a rustproof PVC shutter. The three 22" PVC shutters are neatly assembled and close tighter than other shutters. The shutter motor is in an aluminum housing pre-installed on the shutter frame. The thermostat and variable fan speed control are in plastic housings. They are “waterproof” when installed according to directions. These very attractive systems are used exclusively in our top-of-the-line greenhouses.

This is a hard-wired system. See Framing and Wiring for Fan Systems for important information about using the parts together as a system.

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