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product photo

3415 Economy Vent System 16" Fan J (1900 cfm) with 24" Shutter (C3410 08 30)


This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.

Pre-wired Economy Vent Systems

Low-cost, life-saving ventilation for your plants! Automatic fan reduces excessive heat on hot, sunny days. Set thermostat for maximum desired temperature, and fan will turn on automatically to pull cooler air through the intake shutter. For additional summer cooling, provide shading for roof and plenty of water for humidity control. System includes fan with 9-ft. power cord, pre-wired waterproof thermostat, intake shutter.

See Framing and Wiring for Fan Systems for important information about using the parts together as a system.

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Photo shows INSIDE VIEW for INTAKE shutter to allow cool air in. (Vanes are inside the greenhouse.)

Photo shows OUTSIDE VIEW for EXHAUST fan to allow hot air out. (Vanes are outside the greenhouse.)

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3411 Economy Vent System 10" Fan J (480 cfm) with 16" Shutter (C3410 06 14)
3413 Economy Vent System 12" Fan J (975 cfm) with 20" Shutter (C3410 06 24)

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