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1468124 Set of Two Wire Shelves 4 ft x 12" Green (D1455 GRN 1204)


This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.

Provides more growing space, lets light and air through

These attractive wire mesh shelves allow air circulation around plants, and lets maximum sunlight through to the plants below. The wire spacing is extra close to support small pots, and the shelf stays clean without collecting soil or water.

Two shelves can be placed end to end, making one long shelf. Order total length 2 ft. shorter than greenhouse wall to avoid difficult end support. Braces, wall hooks and screws (for wood frame installation) included.

Order bolts separately -- English "T" Bolts K7473, Solar Gro Bolts 1410 (K1410 0.5). [4 ft shelves need 4 bolts each, 6 ft shelves need 6 bolts each.] For extra support, order 1487 (K8487) Chain.

Note: Shelf orders are manufactured to order in Charley's shop. Allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

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Benches and shelves are subject to a UPS oversize/over-weight surcharge of $15 to $35. If your order has additional oversize charges, we will contact you for final approval to ship.

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May We Also Suggest

K7473 English "T" Head Bolts & Nuts, 1/2" L (15 per pak)
Special "T" Head Bolts for fitting accessories to the inside of English style greenhouses. Insert in channel and twist ...

1410 Stainless Steel 10mm Bolts & Nuts, 1/2 inch (10 per pak) (K1410 0.5)
Use these hard-to-find bolts to install accessories in SolarGro greenhouses. 10mm Bolts & Nuts 1/2 inch thread. 10 per pak ...

1487 #12 Steel Jack Chain, 5 ft. (K8487)
Add support to your greenhouse shelves. Hangs anything up to 29 pounds. Use individual links for wall hooks. 5ft.

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1468124 Set of Two Wire Shelves 4 ft x 12" Green (D1455 GRN 1204)

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