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1275 TwinWall 6mm, 2 ft x 5 ft (B1274 02 05)

General Product Information:
Weight: 1/2 lb per square foot
Dimensions: 2' W x 5’ L x 1/4" Thick
Color: Translucent, clear

Shipping Information:
This product is shipped following standard shipping procedures. However, this must be ordered in quantities of four or more panels in any size. Sizes larger than 2 ft x 6 ft must be shipped by motor freight.

Sheets come with a thin film on both sides. Do not remove the film until it is ready to be installed. Peel off the film and mark which side of the sheet has the colored or labeled film on it. This side is the outside, which is UV protected

When prepping the Twin Wall for installation, some sheets may need to be cut to size. This is done very simply by using either a power circular saw equipped with a triple chip fine-tooth blade or by a razor knife. It is recommended to make the cuts on both sides of the sheet to ensure a clean cut.

Trouble Shooting:
If film isn't peeling off very easy, the sheet may not have been protected from the sun or was left in a hot environment. Try applying soapy water to the surface and peeling off the film, using caution not to scratch the surface.

To clean Twin Wall Panels rinse sheet with lukewarm water. Wash sheet with a mild soap (Freon T.F., Joy, Palmolive Liquid, Top Job, VM&P Grade Naptha, Windex with Ammonia, or Charley's Brillianize #1657) and lukewarm water. Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently wash to loosen remaining dirt and grime. Do not scrub or use brushes or squeegees. Repeat rinse and dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting. Here is a list of cleaning products NOT to use on polycarbonate: Lysol, Pinesol, Butyl Cellosolve, Isopropanol, and Formula 409.

Common Recommendations:
When preparing sheets for installation, it is recommended to seal the top end of the sheets. This may be done using Aluminum Tape item #1512. To allow moisture to escape from the channels of the polycarbonate, use a tracing wheel to perforate the tape on the top end of the poly sheet.

For further information, please contact Charley's Customer Service at 1-800-322-4707.

This item is backed by Charley's 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return your purchase in the condition you receive it, within 30 days, for a refund, exchange or credit - whichever you prefer. If any product is found to be defective within the first year, it may be returned or exchanged for full credit.