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Shipping Note:
This item has special shipping requirements and may require additional shipping costs. Upon receiving your order, Charley's will contact you by email or phone for approval of additional shipping costs.

1275 TwinWall 6mm, 2 ft x 5 ft (B1274 02 05)



Quantity pricing:
5 or more $19.66 each

Insulated Glazing Panel

This double-walled polycarbonate is one of the most cost effective greenhouse coverings available. It is popular because of its insulation value, light weight, toughness, easy handling, rigidity, long service life, high light transmission, and neat appearance. Use TwinWall for new installations or reglazing an existing greenhouse. It is an excellent replacement for single-pane roof glass. Most aluminum and glass greenhouses can easily be insulated with TwinWall using the existing glazing clips or bar caps.

Heat Saving: TwinWall channels trap air between 2 walls. This gives up to 50% energy savings over single-wall coverings, keeps your plants warmer, and reduces heating costs.

Light Transmission: TwinWall has 85% of the light transmission of single glass - plenty for growing plants. It also diffuses light better to reduce plant sunburn. Because of the insulating effect of the double wall, there is less condensation (and more light transmission) and little or no dripping from overhead. A special exterior surface coating resists weathering and triples the life of TwinWall over untreated polycarbonate. R Value = 1.6

Precut TwinWall Panels, 6 mm: The flutes (channels) run the length of the panel. Install panel with flutes vertical. Panel ends should be capped or sealed with a special tape that allows interior condensation to escape. Dimensions + or - 1/8".

10 year limited warranty on properly installed MultiWall polycarbonate against
- premature yellowing
- a loss of more than 10% of the original light transmission
- breakage of the top layer caused by 1” hail.
Warranty may vary with different manufacturers.

Add $35 charge for special protective carton, up to 10 panels per carton.
See Shipping Note to left.

Other Colors Available: Call 1-800-322-4707 for a quote on Bronze or Opal polycarbonate. Or visit our sister website www.ThePolycarbonateStore.com.

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