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November in
Your Greenhouse
  By Carol Yaw

November ends the autumn growing season. For most hobbyists who keep a cool or cold greenhouse, this is a less busy time.

Greenhouse Environment

  • If you have tender, frost-sensitive plants keep a minimum night temperature of 42°-45° F.
  • Keep vent openings closed when wet and foggy. When sunny and dry, open vents, but close mid afternoon to conserve the sun's heat.
  • Alternately, for worry-free operation install automatic solar vent openers.
  • Run an air circulation fan 24 hours a day. Your goal is to provide enough air movement to reduce the risk of disease, but not so much your plants get chilled.
  • Water plants sparingly now (except if in flower) and use care not to splash water on benches, the floor, and leaves.
  • Space your plants out to give them the best light possible.
  • Remove dead flowers, decayed fruits, and yellow or diseased leaves.
  • Treat for disease as soon as possible. See pest control.

Keep on Growing!
  • Finish potting up spring bulbs and protect outside in a cool, dark area.
  • Pot up any cuttings that were started earlier, e.g. fuchsia, heliotrope, pelargonium.
  • Carefully cut back and dig out plants from your summer hanging baskets. Pack them in flats with slightly damp peat and hold under benches for next spring.
  • Pot up any hardy annuals that were sown earlier for spring/summer gardens outdoors. Use small (3" pots or so) to avoid root rot.
  • Continue to harvest salad greens and cool root crops.