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May in Your Greenhouse
By Carol Yaw
Isn't it grand not to have to wait until "the last frost date outside" to start growing again! For most of us, extra space is nonexistent in our greenhouse this time of year. There are pots and trays of seedlings and more mature plants everywhere as we prepare for our outdoor garden and landscape areas …
 Transplant Outside
As weather permits, move most vegetable starts and bedding plants outside and harden them off. After transplanting them into the ground, water them gently with a fine rose water can. I like to add a couple of drops of SuperThrive to the water can to get them off to a thriving start. Protect them from possible cold nights with a crop cover or other plant protector. See Season Extenders.
In many regions, by the end of May, hanging baskets started earlier in the greenhouse are ready to be hung outside.
Lower and raise your baskets easily for watering and care with our "customer favorite
Down-Up Pulley.
The goal now is to keep the temperature below 75°-80° F during the heat of the day. If you haven't applied shading yet, I highly recommend doing it this month. Check out Charley's Greenhouse Shading Tips.

In our milder Northwest climate, I do not need to use my heater any longer. I keep it handy, however, just in case of that unlikely late night frost.
  No need to cut openings in shade panels when using them over automatic vents. Simply loosely hang the panel over the greenhouse and allow the vents to open to their full venting position before securing the shade panel down.

Water regularly and thoroughly now. Some plants may need daily watering. I delight in hand-watering. It amazes me how much plants can grow overnight! A space saving Coiled Hose with a good recoil memory, coupled with a wand, makes watering fast and easy.

Ventilation to let hot air escape is critical now. It's generally provided by roof, side or door vents - or a combination of the above.
Not sure how much ventilation you need for your size greenhouse? Check out Selecting Fans & Shutter Sizes.
Air circulation within the greenhouse is also important. A gentle breeze that reaches under the bench level, into the corners of the greenhouse and elsewhere, promotes healthier, more disease-resistant plants. Energy efficient, circulation fans cost little to run and are terrific "plant health insurance."
Space your plants far enough apart so that the fresh air reaches all around them.  
Your plants need increased humidity now. Whenever greenhouse vents are open, valuable humidity is lost. Maintaining essential moisture in the greenhouse air keeps your plants more comfortable, healthier and happier.

For small greenhouses, provide extra humidity by hosing down the greenhouse floor and benches in the morning on sunny days. For larger greenhouses an automatic humidity system is helpful. See Humidity & Misting.
Plants growing quickly will need to be fertilized weekly now. Little and often is the rule of thumb.
 What's Growing?
  Start training any vegetable crops sown earlier, around supports.
Cucumbers - Watch them closely. As they increase in size, they will need increasing amounts of water. Train them up vertical supports, pinching out unwanted growth.

Tomatoes - Pinch side shoots and fertilize weekly as fruit starts to swell. Do not let them dry out. Train up vertical supports. At first sign of whiteflies, spray with Neem Oil.
  Prune and train peach, nectarine, grape and melons. Thin heavily bearing fruits like nectarine and grape.
  Sow seeds for winter home plant display like Schizanthus, Cineraria, Asparagus Fern, Primula. Take cuttings of your favorite houseplants like coleus, azaleas, succulents.
  Pick your greenhouse lettuces, cherry tomatoes, carrots, salad onions, beets, potatoes, cress, strawberries, herbs, etc. and ENJOY!
Happy spring in your greenhouse!
alias Mrs. Charley