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Untitled Document
June in Your Greenhouse
By Carol Yaw

For many gardeners, their outdoor garden is the focus of attention in the summer. But if you live in the Northwest, like myself, or in a more northern climate with a shorter growing season, the summer greenhouse has so much to offer to supplement your outdoor garden.

During this season in my greenhouse, I indulge myself in growing heat-loving plants - the ones that never make it to maturity outside before the first frost.

  Just wanted to say that we love our Charley's Greenhouse! We constructed it in August and enjoyed it right through the winter with thriving tropical plants, a freely roaming iguana (named Charley of course), and a pond with healthy Koi and bull frogs. Thanks for a great product and wonderful support!

Jerry and Don
of Huntingdon Valley, PA

Veggies and tropical fruits like peppers, eggplant, melons, dwarf bananas, kiwi, guava are only the beginning … exotic flowering Bird-of-Paradise, Jasmine, Passion flower … the unending list goes on - so many to choose from, such limited space!
I also use my greenhouse to start tomatoes, cucumbers and other staple vegetables earlier. I'll be harvesting my first greenhouse tomatoes in several weeks now, at least 6 weeks earlier than my outdoor garden will start producing - that is if the outdoor climate is consistently good.

Contented Greenhouse Frog

Plant Care
Longer daylight and consistent warm temperatures translate to increased rate of plant growth in the summer. Most of my flats and pots of starts have matured and been moved outside now.
  My list of plant care in the greenhouse includes -
  • Water daily.
  • Fertilize as needed.
  • Shade flowering plants. Deadhead them often to prevent disease.
  • Move flowering plants outdoors after they've finished blooming. Many plants, like my potted roses, azaleas, some bananas, ginger, dwarf oranges, and cacti, benefit from being moved outside June-Sept.
  • Trellis or stake climbing plants and vines that are getting out of control.
  • Harvest sprigs of fresh chives, basil, tarragon, parsley, mint.
Our quality, space-saving W1296 coil hose is ideal for watering in the greenhouse or patio.
Potted herbs are easy to grow year around in the greenhouse. Once you've experienced cooking with fresh herbs, you'll never go back to dried versions if you can help it!
I can't resist leaving a few tomato pots in my greenhouse - especially with our unpredictable, rainy weather. At this stage they are thriving. First fruits will be ready to pick in 2 weeks or less.
  • Water daily.
  • Fertilize weekly.
  • Remove side shoots.
  • Add more vertical supports as needed.
  • If roots appear on the surface of the soil, add a topdressing of organic compost.
  • Be alert for whiteflies.
What to Start Now
Yes, believe it or not, it's time to start sowing seeds for your fall gardens also. Mid June through late summer is a great time to take cuttings. Propagation is rapid in warmer weather.
Charley the Iguana
Shading Is Now Essential

Knitted Shade 87%
Forest Green
or Gray

One day of intense sun can scorch your plant collection quickly at this time of year. Greenhouse Shade Fabric or Greenhouse Shade Paint such as Vari-Shade applied on the outside of your glazing is the best solution.

In the Northwest, I cover my greenhouse roof with a 60% density shade fabric in late May or early June. It usually stays on through September. I leave a portion of my greenhouse unshaded for growing tomatoes and other sun-loving plants. If you're in the southern states or another warmer climate, you'll want to choose a higher density shading.
Ventilation / Air Circulation
During this season, the goal is to keep the greenhouse under 90°F in the heat of the day, and the temperature as even as possible during the rest of the day. This helps prevent wilt and stress on my plants and me!

    Every greenhouse should have a way to exhaust hot air from the roof level - either manually, a solar opener, or an automatic exhaust fan.

A screened door vent for additional cooling is also helpful, especially during summer. Alternatively, leave your door open during the day.
Using a Greenhouse Air Circulation Fan is critical now. I leave mine on 24 hours a day, year around. It costs only 10 cents a day to run and is terrific preventative insurance. Without good air circulation, stagnant pockets of air can cause disease buildup. An air circulation fan also helps increase carbon dioxide for my plants.

Jerry & Don's Productive Greenhouse

Watering / Humidity
Daily watering is needed now for most of my plants. My terra-cotta pots and large-leafed plants dry out the quickest.

The plants thrive on high humidity this time of year especially. To increase humidity, I damp down the floor and staging, and mist plant leaves in the morning or early afternoon.

When the super fine mist from this system starts drifting over your plants, they will be so much happier!
Happy NEW growing adventures,

alias Mrs. Charley

Jerry and Don’s refreshing pond inside
their tropical greenhouse