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Starting Hanging Baskets

Challenged to find enough shelf space for growing this spring? A perfect solution is the hanging basket. Actually, many plants are seen at their best displayed from overhead.

When you grow plants from seeds and cuttings, you have a far wider selection to choose from than what local nurseries can offer. As you look through seed catalogs and pick your plants for your baskets, experiment with your favorite combinations of color and foliage.

You might combine striking variegated nasturtiums and coleus with showy orange and red tuberous begonias. Perhaps you'd like to mix silver-leaf senecio with feathery, fragrant schizopetalon. Or make a dramatic statement with a single species and color of cascading nasturtiums, verbena, petunia, cissus discolor or begonia rex. The sky is the limit

Easy-to-grow, greenhouse favorites of mine include:

Angel's Trumpet -- producing dramatic, richly scented, lily-like flowers in the summer.

Hanging Fuchsia -- few rivals as a trailing plant! Will flower all year long in a cool greenhouse. Many varieties available.

Jasminum -- produce small, white, star-shaped flowers strongly perfumed.

Ivy-Leaf Pelargoniums -- many varieties and colors.

Glory Lily -- a wonderful tuber that is a climber but can be encouraged to trail.


Cape Primrose -- for smaller baskets.

Easter Cactus - Blooms in the spring. Great for smaller baskets.

Balloon Vine

Pendulous Begonias -- lovely, tassel-like flowers that come in many colors. For fastest results grow from tubers.

Some other hanging plants that grow well in the greenhouse are:

Asparagus Fern -- trails with great delicacy. Easily grown from seed. Keep out of direct sun.

Hearts Entangled -- Great for cool greenhouse. Unique heart-shaped leaves grow in pairs.

Spider Plant -- Bi-colored, distinctive leaves trail downward with plantlets. Very easy to propagate plantlets.

Preparing your containers:

There are various containers to choose from -- plastic, or wire baskets lined with sphagnum moss, and self-watering. A number of orchids prefer net pots or wooden pots, see orchid pots for a wide selection.

For best results, use sterile, quality potting soil when planting up. An excellent soil amendment designed to help retain water is Compressed Sphagnum Moss. Line your hanging basket with it to help maintain a moist environment for your plants for an entire growing season.

Choose places to hang your baskets where you can water and tend them easily. For higher, larger baskets our Down-Up Pulley is terrific.

Happy Greenhousing!

Carol Yaw
Alias Mrs. Charley