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Greenhouse Climate Guide

What you can grow successfully depends on the temperature you choose for your greenhouse.

"Cold Greenhouse" (Night temp. 35°- 45° F)

In a cold Greenhouse, you can hold over many plants during the winter, but GROWTH is limited. Some vegetables such as carrots and cole crops matured in the warmer fall months can be held over for winter harvest.

"Cool Greenhouse" (Night temp. 45°- 50° F)

At this temperature, you can actively grow many leafy and root crops; e.g., lettuce, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, beets and carrots. Citrus fruits and grapes can be wintered over.

"Moderate Greenhouse" (Night temp. 55°- 60° F)

Many options are available in the Moderate Greenhouse, and some plants will propagate. Possibilities include cucumbers, beans, bibb lettuce, herbs, strawberries, mushrooms, cool variety tomatoes, dwarf fruit trees, figs and grapes.

"Warm Greenhouse" (Night temp. 65°-70° F)

While more expensive to heat (we recommend insulated glazing), there are a multitude of unusual and tropical plants you can grow; e.g., lemons, bananas, melons, dwarf corn, peppers, eggplant and a wide variety of tomatoes. (A grow light may be necessary in winter.)

See our heating and ventilation products to create the perfect climate.