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Charley's Greenhouse Checklist

Here's a guideline to help you plan your greenhouse. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-322-4707 or e-mail us at service@charleysgreenhouse.com. Our knowledgeable greenhouse consultants are always happy to help you.

Which Is Best For You?


  • Western Red Cedar-Preferred wood for its beauty, strength, long life and resistance to insects.
  • Aluminum — Long lasting and maintenance-free.
  • Painted Aluminum — best appearance, looks new for many years.


  • Clear Tempered Safety Glass - Has the longest life and best clarity. Needs shading in the summer to protect plants.
  • TwinWall Polycarbonate - Our standard glazing panel. Strong and flexible. 6mm (1/4”)
  • Polycoolite® TwinWall - Ideal for greenhouse roofs. Reduces overheating during summer by reflecting some of the infrared heat rays. 8mm (5/16”)
  • 3-Wall Polycarbonate - Sold in the Building Materials section for DIY projects. Polycarbonate offers better insulation and strength. Standard in our Cedar Heritage Greenhouses and optional in our English Greenhouses. 10mm (3/8”)
  • 5-Wall Polycarbonate - Best insulation with thicker ribbing to provide extra strength. Best clarity and appearance. Available in our Cape Cod, Cascadia, Dover, Phoenix, San Juan Greenhouses. 5x-Wall Polycarbonate is available in our Northern Heritage Greenhouses. 16mm (5/8”)
  • Wall/Roof Combinations of the above glazings.


  • Pressure treated timbers (up to 200 sq. ft greenhouse)
  • Concrete/block base wall
  • Concrete slab/tile

Note: Outside dimensions of greenhouse foundation are given under "Actual Sizes" on the price charts.


If you have not poured a concrete slab, you will need a walkway down the middle of your greenhouse. First, lay down landscape fabric over the entire floor. For an aisle of bricks: frame the walkway with treated 2 x 4 lumber, lay down 2" of crushed rock, then 1" of sand, and set the bricks with 1/4" spacing. A final touch might be to plant lemon thyme between the bricks! Finish the remainder of the floor with 2" of pea gravel.

  • Aisle pavers/bricks, Pea gravel under benches
  • All pavers - provides good drainage
  • Concrete slab/tile - not too smooth or it gets slippery. Provide for drainage.