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Fall in the Greenhouse

Ventilation - Air Circulation:

Only open greenhouse vents and doors on warm days and always close them at night. Clean your air circulation fan and make sure it is working properly. (This is a critical time of year to have it running to aid with condensation build-up and disease control.)


Water more sparingly now. Avoid watering late in the day or during the evening. Do not leave pots on damp capillary matting.

Growing On:

  1. After digging up summer bulbs, let them dry in the greenhouse before cleaning and storing.
  2. Pot up the last of the bulbs to be forced in Jan.-Feb.
  3. Pot up annuals. Keep in good light and give them minimum water.
  4. Pot up mint, chives, tarragon, basil and rosemary for inside the cool greenhouse.
  5. Sow winter lettuce, chicory, endives and Chinese greens.
  6. Hardy shrubs, trailing ivies, winter bulbs, small-leaved evergreen azaleas and mums do well in the cool greenhouse this time of year, and add variety and color.