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in Your Greenhouse
  By Carol Yaw

Cold December is the darkest month of the year. Growth is at its slowest and supplemental light is needed if you choose to actively grow.


For a cool greenhouse, your goal is a minimum night temperature of 42°-45° F and a maximum day temperature of 55°-60° F. Warmer temperatures can cause soft, spindly stems.

Ventilate sparingly to remove condensation. Use caution not to create a strong draft or extreme drop in temperature.

Water mid-morning as needed. Keep plants and soil on the dry side except if they are in bloom.
Pest and Disease

Check plants regularly. Deadhead flowers and remove yellow or diseased leaves.
Winterize / Insulate

In most areas, the coldest winter weather is still ahead. For energy saving ideas, visit Energy Conservation for Winter Greenhouses.
Growing Fun
  1. Bring pots of bulbs from outdoors into the greenhouse to mature faster.

  2. Move any bulbs forced for the holidays into the house as soon as they start to show color.

  3. Start seeds of lettuce, carrots, French Bean.

  4. Continue to harvest cool growing veggies.

  5. Move holiday potted plants now flowering into the home. Water with a liquid fertilizer. Keep in a cool place out of direct sun for best results.