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Easier Gardening

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N3675 Plant Communicator Water/Fertilizer Tester
This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.
Instantly and accurately know your plants’ moisture and fertilizer needs. This unique instrument measures moisture in the soi...

P10535 Rugged Grow Bags, 5 gallon
SALE: $3.30
The most rugged, s-t-r-o-n-g grow bag available! This ultra-durable fabric pot provides excellent drainage and aeration, whic...

P1335 Smart Soil Separator, 2 pak
Keep smaller, potted plants healthier and happier. Improve and extend their life with the Smart Soil Separator. This nifty ...

Q6804 Rhizome Support Clips, 10 pack
Another new product from Charley's Greenhouse.
This handy, 6" wire clip can be bent with pliers to provide perfect support. Sturdy, heavy-gauge wire.

R4765 Transonic BugChaser
A simple, safe way to keep all insects out of your home. Just plug the BugChaser in and it emits sound rays that are silent ...

R4793 Humane Bird Net, Mesh Fabric, 10 ft x 5 ft
Another new product from Charley's Greenhouse.
This fine, soft mesh fabric won’t harm birds, but offers an effective, humane way to protect berry plants, small fruit trees,...

W7128 Soil Moist™ Granules, 1 lb
SALE: $9.45
These water-storing crystals store over 200 times their weight in tap water. Soil Moist will cut watering tasks in half, mini...

V2607 Vanilla Bean Moisturizer
After gardening, nourish your dry skin with this silky smooth moisturizer rich in vitamins A and E. Our skillful herbalist l...

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Home / Shop Accessories / Easier Gardening / Easier Gardening