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Misting Systems

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6072 Slip-Lok Fitting with Nozzle (3 pak) for 6070 (M6070 FITTING)
Expand your existing #6070 Misting System 2000 with this brass Slip-Lok Fitting with Nozzle. Nozzle is brass and stainless s...

6073 Replacement Nozzle (5 pak) for 6070 (M6070 NOZZLE)
This brass and stainless mist nozzle is engineered to form a perfect 24" cone pattern that facilitates rapid evaporation a...

M6070TFILTER Mesh Filter for 6070
This filter is designed specifically for drip watering systems. By removing debris, from the water supply, clogged drippers a...

M6247 Charley's Jungle Fogger
This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.
Produces cloud-like mist Imitate the foggy mists of tropical jungles! Your plants will thrive in this su...

6074 Hard Water Filter (W5074)
Reduce or eliminate “white spots” on plant leaves caused by hard water. Protect misting and watering equipment from calcium b...

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