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Propagators / Cloners & Growing Mediums

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P6069KIT Charley's “Q” Plug System Kit (P6069 KIT)
No other medium provides as much support for starting seeds and cuttings. “Q” Plugs maintain the perfect balance of 1/3 media...

P6250 25 Charley's Orchid Bark, 1/4 cu ft
This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.
Quality, clean, professional growing mediums you can depend on to keep your orchids healthy and looking their best. Use with ...

T8149B Replacement Omega Blades, 2pk
Replacement blades for use with Omega Grafting Tool. Blades are made from SK5 high carbon steel for increased strength and...

T6072 Organic Compost Activator, 2 pak
The quickest, easiest way to convert waste vegetable matter into rich, sweet-smelling, organic compost. Simply mix this powd...

8157 DM Zone Water Treatment, 1 qt (P9157)
Modern root cleaning and sanitizing products, such as hydrogen peroxide, can be harsh on the delicate root structures of your...

7253 Black Gold Organic Seedling Mix, 8 qts (P6253)
A highly refined, organic mix excellent for starting seeds and cuttings in flats, pots, and plug trays. It has low salt an...

8046 Extra 55-Cell Propagation Trays (set of 2) (P2044 TRAY)
For use with 8044 – Jump Start Propagator System. The propagation tray is insulated to stabilize soil temperature. Tray cel...

6400 Capillary Mat - 19 1/2 inches wide (Price per Foot) (W7400)
Watering is easy with a capillary mat. Ideal when you have many small pots to water. Supply water to the mat instead of each ...

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Home / Shop Accessories / Propagation | Seed Starting / Propagators / Cloners & Growing Mediums