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Other Fertilizers

N3605 Rapitest Soil Test Kit N-P-K, pH
Plants need the correct pH (acidity/alkalinity) level that controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your s...

F7045 Plant Marvel Cal-Mag 17-5-17
A favorite of orchid growers. Excellent for tomato and vegetable crops that require calcium and magnesium. Contains all the ...

F7016 Terrific Tomato Food
Enjoy firmer, tastier tomatoes and higher yields. Our Terrific Tomato Food 18-18-21 supplies extra magnesium and higher potas...

F7037 Maxsea All Purpose 16-16-16, 1.5 lb. conc.
Maxsea All Purpose 16-16-16 Food is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor root and foliar feeding year around. Exten...

F7038 Maxsea Bloom 3-20-20, 1.5 lb. conc.
Use Maxsea Bloom 3-20-20 Food, to improve flowering, bud set, count and blossom size. Continue through blooming period. Ex...

F7064 Root Re-Vitalizer, 1.5 oz.
Does your container plant look like it has those “winter blues”? ROOT works to stimulate and re-energize “tired” plants in de...

Home / Shop Accessories / Fertilizers / Other Fertilizers