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Home / Shop Accessories / Lighting / Light Track System for HPS & MH Systems

Light Track System for HPS & MH Systems

P5312 Drive Wheel Kit for Light Rail™ (L5312)
Like all moving mechanical objects, at some point in time, your Light Rail™ Drive Motor will need a new Drive Wheel due to we...

P5313 Trolley Wheels for Light Rail™ (L5313)
This Light Rail™ Drive Motor refurbish kit contains new Trolley Wheels with mounting screws. (Use for Light Rail™ 3, 3.5 and...

L5463 Extreme-Duty Trolley Wheels for Light Rail
The choice for heavier loads. Refurbish kit contains 4 new Trolley Wheels and mounting screws. Holds 60 lbs per set. Guarante...

5408 6-ft Light Rail™ 3.5 System (L5408 3.5)
The self-propelled motor moves your HID light back and forth along a track. This movement spreads the light over a wider area...

L5408RAIL03 3-ft Light Rail™ Extension
For use with Light Rail™ Systems 3.0. 3.5 and 4.0. Adds 3 ft to your existing track. Three alignment pins and necessary mou...

Home / Shop Accessories / Lighting / Light Track System for HPS & MH Systems