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W1149 Free-Standing Hose Hanger with Faucet



Deliver water and store your hose in any handy location. Great for gardens, planting beds, stables or anywhere else hoses are frequently used. Dimensions: 42" x 13" x 9".

Advantages of Using the Hose Hanger With Faucet

  • Puts faucet and hose storage in most convenient location.
  • Saves landscaping from dragged hoses.
  • Heavy-duty bracing prevents sagging.
  • All brass fittings.
Note: Can take up to 2 weeks lead time.

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Installation Instructions:
  1. Dig hole. Center Hose Hanger in hole at least 8" deep.
  2. Add quick-setting concrete. Allow to harden according to instructions.
  3. Attach water supply to hose bib. The faucet can also be plumbed directly to in-ground PVC or copper systems.

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