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L54821000 Convertible 1000 Watt Dimmable MH/HPS System



Provide your plants all the light they need for their complete growing cycle with this 1000-watt system. Start your plants with the foliage growing MH bulb and finish the blooming/fruiting cycle with an HPS bulb.

Simply exchange the bulb in the reflector. The electronic ballast will automatically adjust the electricity to produce the highest light output for maximum plant growth.

The highly efficient reflector (23-3/4" L, 21" W, 8" H) offers bright, broad light delivery. It features a tempered glass lens, built-in socket and prewired 15-ft. lamp cord set. CSA certified. 5-year mfg. warranty on reflective materials.

Dimmable, standard 1000-watt MH and HPS bulbs included.

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