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Home / Shop Accessories / Insulation / Greenhouse Insulation

Greenhouse Insulation

C7538 Greenhouse Bubble Insulation - 1 Roll 24" x 40 ft. (80 sq ft)
This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.
Installed inside your single glass or fiberglass greenhouse glazing, this clear bubble plastic can reduce your heating costs ...

2562 Reflectix Insulation 2 ft Wide - Price Per Linear Ft. (C7562)
Reduce heat loss and increase light level in greenhouse. Keeps your plants warmer by reducing 4 types of heat loss: radiant, ...

2565A Foil Tape, 2" x 30 ft (B7565 or C7565)
Use Foil Tape to seal joints for products such as 2569 Foil Insulation, and 2562 Reflectix Insulation. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ...

2567 Spray Adhesive (B7567)
Sun-resistant translucent adhesive with a narrow spray pattern. Spray spots of adhesive on framework or glass. Let adhesive d...

2569 Foil Insulation Roll, 25 ft x 54" (C7569)
Our insulation improves your greenhouse and saves money by keeping it warmer and dramatically enhancing light levels. This to...

2568 Velcro Tapes (Hook & Loop set) - Price Per Ft. (B7568)
Use Velcro® Tape for easy installation of insulation products such as Bubble Insulation, Foil Insulation and Reflectix Insula...

C7477 Insulation Liner Clips (30 per pak)
This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.
These fasteners provide a quick and neat method to attach bubble insulation, poly, or shade fabric to the inside of most alum...

B7578 Double Faced Adhesive Tape
Use to install bubble insulation or foil to greenhouse. This sunlight resistant tape has adhesive on both sides. Just apply i...

Home / Shop Accessories / Insulation / Greenhouse Insulation