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8044 Jump Start Propagator System (P2044)


This is a Charley's exclusive item, available only from Charley's Greenhouse.

This item is temporarily on back order. You may still order the item. Your credit card will not be charged until the item ships. Details about Back Orders.

For seeds and cuttings

Anyone who has started seeds knows how critical it is that they don’t dry out or get over watered. Either way they can die quickly. This system solves those problems while creating optimum conditions for seed starting success. The large 55-cell propagation tray is insulated to maintain consistent soil temperature. A wicking mat underneath the tray draws water from the reservoir to maintain just the right amount of moisture in the soil. The mat and cell tray rest on a platform above the reservoir. The platform “feet” can be used to tamp soil into the cells. The clear, 4" high dome minimizes evaporation, speeds germination, and provides plenty of room for seedlings to grow. Transplanting is easy. Turn the platform over and use the “feet” to eject the seedlings from the cells.

This reusable system includes 10" x 20" reservoir tray, plug tray with 55 cells 1-1/2" diam. x 2" deep, support platform, capillary mat, and 4" high dome. Mat color is gray, green, or black - as available. Order seed starting soil mix separately.

If using in cool location, under 65° F, a heat mat is recommended to maintain warm soil for faster germination and growth.

Click on "larger image" to view more JumpStart Propagator features.

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