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7841C Spider Mite Predators 1,000 count (R3841 1000)



Superior spider mite control

The spider mite is the most common pest we hear about in greenhouses and indoors. Predatory mites feed on eggs and adult stages of spider mites. For a mild infestation, we recommend 2 predators/leaf or 30-50 per plant. This "Triple Threat" mix is recommended for temperatures between 50 degrees and 90 degrees and humidity of 60 - 90%. Start with at least 1 predator for every 20 spider mites.

Create a favorable home for your Beneficials ahead of timeā€¦
Reminder-- Beneficial Insects don't tolerate most pesticides very well, so it's very important not to apply residual pesticides (such as Malathion and Sevin) for at least a month before using them. While you're waiting out this month period use soapy water sprays (such as Safers) or Stiky Traps right up to the day you let out the beneficials. Also botanical sprays (derived from Pyrethrin and Rotenone, for example) can be used with a one week wait afterwards. The small amount of time you spend creating more favorable conditions for Beneficial Insects will be well worth your while!

Note: Sorry, not shipped to Canada or Hawaii.

Shipping Note: Two day orders received by noon Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday usually ship that same day. (We do not want to delay your in route shipment over the weekend.) Thursday, Friday and weekend orders are usually shipped the following Monday, so that your bugs arrive fresh and ready to go to work!

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