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5016 T-12 Lamps High Output 48" L (6 pak) (L5000 48 6 FS)



Quantity pricing:
2 or more $119.00 each

World’s brightest T-12 fluorescent tubes grow plants faster

Sold as packs of 6.

Regular fluorescent tubes give off barely enough energy for plant growth. These fluorescent tubes for standard fixtures are much brighter (3240 lumens) and produce the most effective growing results. “Full spectrum” output is very close to real daylight that brings out the true vibrant colors of your plants and flowers. Extra long life, 48,000 hrs. Fits standard 40 watt, 4-ft fixture, but do not use in “Shop Lights.” (All lamps burn out prematurely in “Shop Lights.”)

Specs: 40 watts, K = 6700, CRI 93.

Bulbs are T-12 but fit T-10 and T-12 fixtures.

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